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Mensile Capital
dicembre 1985

The monthly Capital (12-1985), in the service "Le migliori salumerie" of Germano Pellizzoni and Patrizia Ribuoli it publishes a rich and interesting article on the best delicatessens in Italy. In Umbria the authors choose only a shop...

Il Super Gruppo
aprile 1986

Here two pages from nr. 3-4-1986 of associated, Distribution "Il Super Gruppo" magazine exclusively dedicated to the new extension of the "Bottega del Bongustaio", in Assisi. The article quotes:..

Almanacco dei Golosi
Gambero Rosso ed. 1989

In the most complete Italian wine-gastronomic Guide, only the "Bottega del Bongustaio" is mentioned among gastronomic places and grocer’s of Assisi: "Eugenio Gambacorta...

Guida al Gusto
edizione 1990

Also in "Guida al Gusto" (A Guide to the Taste) (1990), at the entry Assisi only the "Bottega del Bongustaio" is named: "The selection of products is really as surprising as various: as a matter of fact, you can taste specialties of biological, macrobiotic, oriental, German and naturally Umbrian cooking...

The Forum
aprile 1991

In the April 1991 edition of "The Forum": "to them who are visiting Saint Francis town, the "Bottega del Bongustaio" offers the possibility take to Milan, Berlin, Rome, New York...

Guida Capital d'Italia
edizione 1992

The guide Capital of Italy (1992), edited by Eleonora Giovannini and Franco Nencini, devoted "A the search of the total trip"... it is looked for more always that total quality that,...

Guida Pirelli
edizione 1993

Pirelli's Guide Book "Traveling in Italy" published by Giorgio Mondatori & Associates, in 1993 edition he inserts: «...numerous point of purchase where you can look for genuine food specialties of our country»...

Le Cose Buone di
Luigi Veronelli

Luigi Veronelli has annotated in his guide the name of "Bottega del Bongustaio" for years, citing its three generation family tradition and personally suggesting the following products: "wild boar, park and suggesting the following products...

settembre 1993

Departures, the monthly published by American Express for the partners Platinum Card, distributed on board of some greater world aerial companies, in the edition of September 1993, in a service of Mimes Murp:...

The H&H Network London
31 ottobre 1997

The H&H Network London, public a service of Natascha Mirosch, on the page Travel of the daily paper of October 31 st 1997, devoted to the visit in the regions of central Italy. The author quotes various moments of shopping among which...

The Sydney Morning Herald
21 novembre 1998

The Sydney Morning Herald publishes on the Australian daily paper of Saturday November 21 1998, (and on line, a report by Monique Farmer: "Uncovering Umbria" (With beautiful scenery, unspoiled medieval villages and hearty country fare, this Italian backwater offers an ideal driving holiday, writes MONIQUE FARMER)...

Panorama n° 18
maggio 2000

The weekly magazine "Panorama" in the supplement of n° 18 of may 4, 2000, "Panorama Web", there is an article by "Mario Portanova", "Gastronomy of the Region" page 55 entitled "I'am almost tempted to taste it " publishes:...

Panorama n° 43
ottobre 2000

The weekly magazine "Panorama" in the supplement of n° 43 of october 2000, "Panorama Web", published on page 106 the article "Super dinner is served". Among the specialties that the author Silvia Bombelli chooses, only two have been selected by Italian web site: one of the two is the wild boar salami with black pepper which you will find on the pages of wild boar salami. The presentation concludes...

Salone del Gusto Torino
ottobre 2000

In the month of October 2000 we have been present, on invitation of Slow Food, to the 3° edition of the great international kermesse entertained by the Center Fairs of the Lingotto in Turin: Salone del Gusto"...

PagineWeb n° 11
aprile 2002

The magazine "Pagine Web Facili" of April 2002, in the section e-business of themagazine, dedication a whole page (pag. 59) to the site Bottega del Bongustaio and writes: The alimentary specialty...

Il Tempo
1 maggio 2003

In the newspaper "Il Tempo" of Thursday May 1 st 2003 the journalist Paolo Massobrio write in the article "Assisi beyond Giotto, as the salami of wild boar is peppery and genuine": Assisi, during the week end of Easter has been visited by many tourists. Comfortably attainable from the various parking, the visit of the town is a to follow between sacred places and attractions of the taste...

Web Facile

In 2003 the magazine Easy Web has dedicated a page to the activity of the Bottega del Bongustaio and the experience of the sales in Internet...


Shinchosha n° 954
novembre 2006

In the n° 954 of November 2006 to pag. 66 describing the Trip to Umbria the authors they dedicate particular attention to Assisi and to the services offered in the city; to the Bottega del Bongustaio they reserve kind expressions...

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