The events In the Town Territory Of Assisi
The dates are to consider perennial because they are initiatives by now consolidated and repetitive,
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 1-6 January: they continue the religious celebrations and the artistic demonstrations of the "Christmas in Assisi" 
January - February: S. Maria Of the Angels - "January Angelano" artistic demonstrations, concerts, theatrical shows, shows and sporting. Religious celebrations and popular rites. Sunday after on January 17 offered of the "Flat of S. Antonio". Religious Procession - Benediction of the animals and distribution of the blessed bread on the occasion of the Party of S. Antonio Abbot.


(N) 18 - 21 January: Vocational courses (Center Vocational Frati Minori Basilica of S. M. of the Angels) 
(N) 19 - 21 January: Vocational courses (Center Vocational Frati Minori Basilica of S. M. of the Angels) 
(N) 19 - 21 January: week vocational end (edited by the national Center of Orientation Vocational Conventual Frati Minori of Assisi) 
(N) 27 January: conference Catholic Action (c/o Domus Pacis) 
(The) 6 - 7 January: conference "EurogeoSurveys" (c\o For Civitate Christiana in Assisi)


(N) January - June / September - October: courses of Theological Studies quinquennial: final title of Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology, Philosophy, Sacred Writing, Dogmatic Theology, Moral Fundamental and Spiritual, History of the Church, New Will Anthropology; Elements fundamental Canonical Right, Philosophy, Theology, Dogmatic, Pastoral, etc.; Two years of License in Fundamental Theology, Theology, History of the Religions, Magistero on the dialogue interreligioso (edited by the Theological institute in Assisi) 
(N) January - June / September - October: Institutional quadriennium of Religious Magistero Scienze: Pastoral Ministerial - Pedagogic - Didactic fundamental, dogmatic and moral Theology, Liturgy, Canonical Right, History of the Church, History of the Religions etc.; Diploma in Religious Sciences; Magistero in Religious Sciences. (edited by the Superior institute of Religious Sciences in Assisi) 
(L) January - May: courses of song and solfeggio, Raced of music with various tools piano, classical guitar etc. (school G. Carissimi) 
(R) January: raced base and advanced of weaving lasted 20 hours (Monday and Thursday) (edited by the academy Punto Assisi) 
(R) January: course of embroidery Madam and point Caterina lasted 20 hours (Monday and Thursday) (edited by the academy Punto Assisi)

Popular parties, Feasts Religious,  PARTY of country

Feast OF S.ANTONIO ABATE: benediction of the animals following Sunday to January 17
THE EPIPHANY IN PALAZZO: it places Children of Change 6 January
FLAT OF S. ANTONIO: Sunday 23 January


(R) Petrignano in Assisi: 14 - 21 - 28 January, 4 - 11 - 18 - 25 February, 4 - 11 - 18 March, Tuesday and Thursday of Carnival competitive competitions of "Tumble" with forms of cheese 
(N) last Sunday of January S. Maria of the Angels: "XVIII Gennaiola Angelana" Demonstration national podistica.


I = international call; E = European call; N = national call; IR =  interregional call; R = regional call; P = provincial call;
L = local character 
(The dates in the calendar are to perennial character because they are initiatives by now consolidated and repetitive.
The Territorial Tourist Service cannot take on him some responsibility for possible changes or inaccuracies)